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Is God Missing in Action?

Bad Karma vs. Good Creator

When bad things happen, is it "bad karma" or an opportunity for our Good Creator to be doing a greater work?

Thirsting for Life

Jesus gives living water to those who are spiritually dehydrated.

An Arresting Encounter

A devoutly religious person has an arresting encounter with Jesus and learns what it means to be "born again."

It Begins with Who I Am

The desert is a place of testing. The desert places of our lives are like that, too.

Table Manners

Frequent family dinners are important, but none more so than the gracious meal to which God invites His family, the Church.

Shine Like Stars

A social media star with a million followers can't possibly know all one million of them. However, there is one really famous Person with billions of followers Who knows--and loves--each one.

Your Time to Shine

Light is necessary for life; God's light, even more so.

Hopelessly Hopeful

Having hope for humanity is not the same thing as hoping in humanity.

Whatever You Do

The mundane just isn't mundane when seen through heaven's eyes.