3-1-24 Bill Cunningham Show

3-1-24 Willie with Ryan Walker

Willie goes over what is happening this election season and the media's biased coverage of it with Ryan Walker of the Heritage Foundation.

2-29-24 Bill Cunningham Show

Willie discusses an influx of illegal migrants into the northern Kentucky area with Rob Sanders. Also Tim Graham discusses the coverage of the First Family with Willie. Finally Willie asks for a performance review from the listeners.

2-29-24 Willie with Tim Graham

Willie discusses the media's coverage of the First Family(Bidens) compared with the former First Family (Trumps) with Tim Graham.

2-28-24 Bill Cunningham Show

Willie discusses a ballsy discovery in health science with Liz Bonis, the situation at the southern border with Ally Bradley, and Brian Hamrick discusses a new alert systems that could save more lives.

2-28-24 Willie with Liz Bonis

Scientists have brought new meaning to the phrase "Grow a pair!" Willie talks with Health reporter Liz Bonis about how scientist have learned how to grow functioning testicles.

2-27-24 Bill Cunningham Show

Willie talks with Hamilton County Prosecutor Melissa Powers about a local teen beating his teacher while high, Governor Mike DeWine tells us when we can expect to purchase legal weed, and Anders Edwardson describes the fall of the great American cities.

2-27-24 Willie with Mike DeWine

Willie talks with Ohio Governor Mike DeWine about the status of purchasing legal weed in Ohio. Also if Donald Trump calls, will Governor DeWine serve as Vice President?

2-26-24 Bill Cunningham Show

Willie discusses recent attacks on police with Ken Kober, previews Election 2024 with Leland Vittert, and Jack Windosr joins the show to discuss the crisis at the southern border.

2-26-24 Willie with Ken Kober

After multiple instances of attacks on law enforcement by illegal immigrants, Willie brings on Ken Kober to discuss what can be done to protect police, and control large groups of people.