6-Year-Old Spends $1K On Dad's Food Delivery App

Photo: Getty Images-Brett_Hondow

When one Detroit couple received a GrubHub deliver they hadn't ordered, they initially thought the food had been delivered to the wrong home. But when more food kept arriving, they knew something was up.

As it turned out, Keith and Kristyn Stonehouse's 6-year-old son Mason had gotten a hold of his dad's cell phone. "I think I left the app open and he saw that when he was playing with my phone and just started going to town," Keith says. "He ordered multiple orders, chili cheese fries, the chicken pita wraps. He ordered multiple orders of that. Multiple orders of ice cream, pizza." In the end, Mason ordered more than $1,000 worth of food, Keith says.

But it could have been worse. Although Mason ordered even more food, the Stonehouse's bank put a hold on their debit card following a $439 purchase from a pizza restaurant, Keith says. The incident prompted the couple to teach their son the value of money -- and to ban him from using their cell phones until they determine he's ready for one, according to Keith.

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