Black Bear Found Hibernating Under Connecticut Family's Deck

Photo: Getty Images-Barb Elkin

A Connecticut family who found a black bear hibernating under their deck has decided not to bother the animal, provided it behaves properly.

Vincent Dashukewich and his girlfriend were in their backyard more than a week ago when their dog started growling at something close to the pool. When he went to investigate, a black bear stared back at Dashukewich from beneath the pool's deck.

According to Dashukewich, “He’s been super chill" and does not seem to want to go back to the forest. Tyler, the sister of Dashukewich, uploaded a video of the bear to TikTok, which received over 13 million views as of Saturday, January 7.

Dashukewich stated that a Department of Environmental Protection employee in Connecticut advised him to leave the bear alone if it was not posing any problems and that the bear would probably go by the end of January.

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