Solon School Bus Driver Arrested for OVI

Photo: Solon Police Department

SOLON - Solon School bus driver 55-year-old Christina Krusinski was arrested Tuesday morning around 10:00 am after operating a school bus under the influence of alcohol. Officers responded to the school bus garage after an administrator reported that one of their bus drivers had provided a positive result for alcohol during a random screening. The level of .07% Blood Alcohol Content was reported to officers as the test result. That level is above the legal limit of .04% for commercial vehicle drivers, which includes school bus drivers. Officers spoke to the driver and noticed some cues of impairment. The woman also provided a positive breath test on a portable police breath testing device. Officers arrested Krusinski and transported her to Solon Jail.

She completed additional sobriety testing in jail, failing two sobriety tests.

Christina Krusinski 55, Solon, was cited for the following

  • Operating a Vehicle Under the Influence
  • Commercial Vehicle Prohibited Acts for driving a commercial vehicle with a detectable amount of alcohol
  • Endangering Children.

She was released on a personal bond with a family member. The case will go to Bedford Muni Court. Investigation showed that the driver had operated a Solon City Schools school bus before being given the random alcohol test and may have driven as many as 49 elementary and middle school children to school.

Officers will continue to investigate but currently do not have the names or ages of the students. The action started with the positive alcohol screening.

No additional causative factor was reported, such as a complaint, crash, or traffic violation.

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