Akron City Council Narrowly Approves White Pond Development

Akron Council approved the White Pond Reserve development proposal Monday night in a narrow 7-6 vote during a meeting. Following the hotly contested vote, President Margo Sommerville, who voted yes on the issue, asked Akron police to remove folks who disobeyed warnings against outbursts. They were later let back in one by one to make comments.

The deal would permit up to 90 premium townhouses, 98 ranch-style homes and 40-50 loft-style apartments with monthly rents on some units reaching as high as $2,300.

Development is needed due to the high demand for housing. The approval means that Akron will sell the 65 acres of land, including wetlands for mixed-use residential and retail development. Increased traffic in the area is among the top concerns for the local residents. Studies show that particular areas have existing traffic problems and congestion.

Prior studies on the area have indicated soil and groundwater samples that contain harmful contaminants that could put future residents of the approved development at risk.

City leaders expect work on the project to begin next year and have it completed by 2026. You can watch the entire meeting from last night below.

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