Browns Players (8.21.22)

Philadelphia Eagles v Cleveland Browns

CLEVELAND, OHIO - AUGUST 21: Guard Michael Dunn #68 celebrates after running back John Kelly Jr. #41 of the Cleveland Browns scores a touchdown during the third quarter of a preseason game against the Philadelphia Eagles at FirstEnergy Stadium on August 21, 2022 in Cleveland, Ohio. The Eagles defeated the Browns 21-20. (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)Photo: (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)

WR David Bell:

On playing in his first NFL preseason game:

“It was a blessing. When you watch it as a young’n, it is a lot different from actually being out there and playing with your teammates and playing against the best of the best. Just to get out there finally and get my feet wet was an honor and definitely something I have been looking forward to this whole time.”


On his performance today:

“I performed alright. I have to go back and watch the film and really evaluate myself. I let one slip away from me on the sideline so that is definitely lingering in my mind the entire game. Just go back and practice and watch film with myself and with the group to correct the things that I did wrong on the field, just to make sure that the same mistake does not happen next week.”


On the long potential completion that was broken up:

“I do not think my eyes were locked in on the pass. I tried to do a move before I caught the ball, but as a receiver everyone knows you test the ball with your eyes first and then your hands second. My eyes were worried about something else. I was worried about that defender coming ahead of me. If you want to be a top receiver or a good receiver in the league, you have to make those easy catches no matter what.”


On wanting to get the ‘next one’ after the missed pass:

“A lot. It was obviously a third down so that it made it 10 times worse that the offense had to come off the field. Of course, I am hard on myself as it is so when that happens I was hard on myself, but Dobbs came over and said, ‘I am going to come back to you.’ In the next few drives, he hit me on a few routes. That definitely boost my confidence back up.”


On his confidence in Dobbs:

“We have confidence in all of the quarterbacks. Whoever (Head) Coach (Kevin) Stefanski puts out there, we have the utmost belief in those guys because we know the type of players that they are in practice and the type of work that they have put in. Whoever is out there, we believe in them. Both the Joshes (Dobbs and QB Josh Rosen) did good today. It is good to have four quarterbacks you can lean on no matter what.”


On being on the field when Dobbs had the long scramble down the sideline:

“I was. I did. I had a route. I ran my route. I thought the play was dead because I had seen him in the back scrambling a little bit. He broke up across the sidelines. I thought he stepped out of bounds. Houdini himself got in there and had a long run (laughter). Good for him. He is a very athletic quarterback.”


On Dobbs’ ability to elude defenders and move around:

“I think it is definitely an underrated part of the game. He showed that when he was all the back at Tennessee. He has that ability within him and when he has to use it, it will use it, as he has shown today.”


On his last couple of weeks coming back from injury:

“At first, it was tough. Coming off the injury is always going to be tough because you have to think, ‘Will I ever get back to myself or get better?’ It has been tough to communicate with people to make sure my head is staying up high. The joint practice was amazing. You heard so many stories about the joint practices from former players and players on the teams. It was an unreal environment, something you actually have to be in at practice. It makes practice a lot more exciting going against a different color jersey instead of your teammates. It was obviously good work out there. The Eagles, they pushed us, and we pushed them. For us to come out here today and play them in a game, it was definitely nice, too.”


G Michael Dunn:

On how versatility is important at OL:

“I think we have a lot of guys on our team who are capable of snapping the ball and playing center. It is something that as a backup interior offensive lineman, you have to have that versatility factor. You have to do it all. It was fun to be able to play in the game as center finally.”


On if he is happy with his performance:

“I would have to see the film. Just from how I felt, it felt good playing, but I would have to see the film first.”


On QB Joshua Dobbs’ 36-yard run:

“It was awesome. I did not realize he got all of the way down there, but it was an awesome run. He played great today.”


On how much being a versatile player impacted being backup C:

“Having some game experience at guard and everything is awesome. It has been a privileged to come in and get NFL action. It was more so something that I have just known that I need to know the center role. This is just the first time I have had the opportunity to play in an NFL game. The true guard experience I have has definitely helped.”


RB Jerome Ford:

On how it feels building a connection with the QB and contributing in the run and pass game:

“It feels good being able to help the team anyway I can. I feel like being able to catch and run the ball really helps this team. “


On what he is looking forward to showing about his abilities:

“Just catching the ball out of the backfield, maybe lining up at wide out or whatever coach asks for me. I am ready to do anything I can to help the team.”


On what he and RB John Kelly talk about on the sidelines:

“Just certain runs. Like a duo run. What we see on the move. I have Coach telling me I can cut it inside and Kelly coming over and hearing that, then cutting it inside.”


On if he brought anything from the joint practices with the Eagles to the game:

“Yeah, on some of the plays the linebackers run side to side so getting out fast on my outside zone. They have some real good defensive lineman that make decisions so cut off them.”


On QB Joshua Dobbs’ performance:

“That boy is smooth just the way he runs. I thought he was out of bounds on one of the plays tip-toeing the sideline. I was surprised he was in bounds, but I know Josh Dobbs can run the ball.”


K Cade York:

On how it felt playing in front of Browns fans at home:

“It felt like college, honestly. Not too different. Just a nice little scrimmage with people there.”


On if he wanted a shot at the 64-yard FG attempt:

“Anything they put me out there for, I am excited for, especially now getting to build up my resume before the season starts. It would have been cool, but we have to work on other stuff, too. It is not just about me.”


On the missed 55-yard FG attempt:

“Just pushed it a bit right. I hit it really well, just right at the upright basically.”


On if he felt relief making his first long FG in a preseason game:

“Yeah, I got some last game and was able to hit the ball better today so I was excited about that. It is basically just like I said building up the résumé before the season starts so it all feels good to get out there.”


On the adverse weather conditions, given the rain prior to the game:

“It really was not adverse. Honestly, it was nicer than any other day I was here this summer. The field was a little bit wet to start, but as long as you have the right plant cleat, it is not going to cause anything. Wind picked up a couple of times, but it was nothing at all.”


On hoping to kick a game-winner:

“We want to win games, but it is a preseason game so let’s test the range, but did not get to have that shot so no worry about it.”


On his kickoffs:

“I hit a couple of them well but still working on distance control and being able to hit different spots. We moved it around a little bit today and did not just go for the goal line or anything like that. It is still something that I am working on. I have confidence in my leg strength but have to find different clubs.”

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