Google Goes Public On This Date In 2004

Today in 1692, clergyman John Proctor and four others were hanged in Salem, Massachusetts. Their alleged crime? Witchcraft.

Today in 1953, the democratically elected Prime Minister of Iran Mohammad Mosaddegh was overthrown in a coup orchestrated by the United Kingdom (under the name 'Operation Boot') and the United States (under the name TPAJAX Project). And we’re not making it up – the CIA has admitted to the chicanery.

Today in 1955, severe flooding in the Northeast caused by the remnants of Hurricane Diane claiming nearly 200 lives.

Today in 1960, U-2 spy plane pilot Francis Gary Powers was convicted in a Moscow court and sentenced to 10 years in prison. He was released 18 months later and exchanged for Soviet spy Rudolf Abel.

Today in 1960, two dogs were launched in a satellite into Earth's orbit by the Soviet Union. They were the first animals to orbit and return alive.

Today in 1974, S. Ambassador Rodger P. Davies was fatally wounded by a bullet that penetrated the American embassy in Nicosia, Cyprus, during an anti-American protest by Greek Cypriots.

Today in 1987, Los Angeles consumer reporter David Horowitz was held at gunpoint while on camera and forced to read the assailants note. The program went off the air while police removed the gunman.

Today in 1994, President Clinton abruptly halted the nation's three-decade open-door policy for Cuban refugees, ordering the Coast Guard to intercept boat people at sea and take them to the U.S. Navy base at Guantanamo Bay.

Today in 1995, Mike Tyson returned to the ring & DQs Peter McNeeley in 89 seconds.

Today in 1999, confronting questions about possible past drug use, Republican presidential candidate George W. Bush told reporters he had not used illegal drugs in 25 years, and added that if voters insisted on knowing more – quote – "they can go find somebody else to vote for."

Today in 2004, Google, Inc. began selling stock on the NASDAQ market with the initial price being $84 per share and ending at $100.34 after more than 22 million shares traded.

Today in 2004, Carly Patterson won gymnastics' premier event at the Olympics in Athens, becoming the first U.S. woman to win the all-around title since Mary Lou Retton in 1984.

Today in 2010, Operation Iraqi Freedom ended (officially, anyway), as the last of the United States soldiers left Iraq. The following month, the mission was renamed Operation New Dawn to reflect the reduced role US troops would play in securing the country. The mission continued until December 2011…when the last US troops in Iraq cross the border into Kuwait.

Today in 2014, NASA satellites took photos showing that the eastern basin of the Aral Sea had for the first time completely dried up.

Today in 2015, the FDA approved the “Female Viagra pill” Addyi.

Today in 2018, Novak Đoković beat Roger Federer 6-4, 6-4 in the final of the Cincinnati Masters to become the first player to win all 9 Masters 1,000 tennis tournaments since the series started in 1990.

Today in 2018, Rudy Giuliani, President Donald Trump's lawyer claimed in interview with NBC’s Chuck Todd that "the truth isn't truth."

Today in 2018, it was revealed that Harvey Weinstein accuser Asia Argento paid off her own accuser – a young man who said he was 17-years old when Argento sexually assaulted him. In the days and weeks that followed, she initially denied everything – and then claimed that the accuser had actually assaulted her.

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