Kevin Stefanski Met With Media (8-14-22)

On if WR David Bell is still progressing through the foot injury:

“Yeah, getting close.”

 On how injuries at WR has affected cohesion for the Browns:

“Again, I go back to we had a nine-week offseason program and got a bunch of good reps there. We are making good strides. Obviously, as guys like David come back in the lineup, we will get extra work with them during practice, off to the side and those type of things, but I do not think that is any different year to year.”

 On if there is an element to working on play calling as QB Jacoby Brissett takes a more significant role with the first team offense:

“I think we have been doing it honestly since the beginning with our guys of making sure that we have a real good understanding of what our guys do well. I think that goes for every single one of the quarterbacks. Definitely, we have made a lot of ground there, and then we will continue to have those type of conversations with the players.”

 On if it is difficult for QB Deshaun Watson to adjust to receiving fewer first team reps in practice:

“I do not know. Obviously, we know he is going to be unavailable starting Week 1. This has been our plan. I think he understands what we are doing. He is on board.”

 On if Browns’ plan at QB includes giving more reps to QB Joshua Dobbs:

“It will.”

 On if Watson will take ‘more of a backseat in practice’ or if Watson will take reps with the backups:

“Again, it goes back to we have to get everybody ready to play. Deshaun certainly still needs to continue to improve in all areas so he will get his work. I just think you will see the share of the majority going to Jacoby.” 

On what DE Isaiah Thomas has shown in practice, in addition to the two-sack performance at Jacksonville:

“He is a really good kid. When we were doing our research this draft process, he was a guy who is a program guy. He has been great in that area, great in the building and does what he is supposed to do and then really good size. He has big end potential for us. Getting a few sacks the other night, showing his technique, showing his energy, his relentless pursuit and those type of things.”

 On if he shared any advice with Thomas about soon becoming a father to a baby girl:

“I do. I am going to keep it between IT and myself.”

 On Thomas sharing they had discussions about being present for the birth of his daughter:

“He is going to be there. He is not going to miss that.”

 On if he feels like hearing boos directed at Watson would rattle a QB and if he has felt a need to address the team about it:

“I do not to the second part of your question. As you can imagine, it is our job to focus on the things that are important in those game settings, and that is our job and what we are doing. We would be doing ourselves a disservice if we focused on anything that people are saying about us before the game, during the game, after the game and those type of things.”

 On Watson sharing that he is getting counseling and if dealing with fan reactions at away games could also be a component of it:

“Could be. Again, playing this sport, we understand that you are going to go into some stadiums that present hostile environments. That is how the NFL works. They try to use it to their homefield advantage, but we have an awareness of that.”

 On if there is an update on if C Nick Harris’ knee injury will end his 2022 season:

“I do not [have an update]. Not right now.”

 On if he expects Peter C. Harvey to issue a ruling this week about Watson’s availability following the NFL’s appeal:

“I don’t know.”

 On if Watson seeking counseling was his decision or mandated by the team:

“I am not going to get into the specifics of that.”

 On who will be the Browns’ swing interior OL:

“It is going to be sorted out here. It is a good question. It is one of those things that this is what training camp is for. We are trying different combinations in there. We have guys who have snapped the football in NFL games before in practice and those type of things. We will continue to work them in there and see how it works out.”

 On if it is more likely that the Browns will keep the same personnel at interior OL or acquire another C following Harris’ injury:

“I would not even begin to go there. I just know we have guys on the roster who we are working in there.” 

On C Ethan Pocic ‘hedging’ on playing with the first team offense today and if that may be an indication that Pocic is expecting to split time at the position:

“He is a good offensive lineman – he is going to do what he is told. When (offensive line coach) Bill (Callahan) tells him go in there, he will go in.” 

On what Callahan will tell Pocic in practice today about practice reps:

“To go in there with the ones.”

 On indicating that QB Jacoby Brissett will not play in the preseason game against the Eagles and will get a lot of work this week during joint practice:


 On if most of the Browns starters will also not play in the preseason game against the Eagles after getting a lot of work this week during joint practices:


 On if most of the Browns starters will then play in the third preseason game against the Bears:

“We will get to (Preseason) Game 3, but for this Philly week, we have them coming in Thursday and Friday. Obviously, we have three practices, we will take a break [Wednesday] and then we have the Philly guys coming in for Thursday-Friday. We will get a lot of good work there and then likely rest a lot of guys in that Philly game.”

 On the message to the team about the work needed to be accomplished this week:

“We are still in training camp mode. There is a lot of work that needs to be done. We are out of installation on all three sides of the ball so now we are working some things and moving guys around, so to speak, but the work has not stopped. We have to get back to work.” 

On evaluating film of practice and game film of the Browns WRs and if there is a point of concern and a point where the team ‘needs to see guys catching the balls and making plays’:

“Obviously, we want to catch the ball. That is the obvious part. For us, it is just getting back to the work, focusing on the techniques that go into that and using these opportunities here at practice to get better.”

 On Brissett and Pocic spending a significant amount of time together during the offseason and training camp might make the transition easier for the first team offense:

“Certainly for the center-quarterback exchange, yes. They have gotten the most reps together as a battery so that is something that those two have already [done].” 

On if CB Greg Newsome II will practice today:

“He will not practice today.”

 On if Newsome is battling a hamstring injury:


 On how long Newsome will take to return from the hamstring injury:

“We are working through it. It will not be a long time.” 

On if WR Michael Woods II will practice this week:

“Not ready yet.”


# # #

Cleveland Browns v Jacksonville Jaguars

JACKSONVILLE, FL - AUGUST 12: Head coach Kevin Stefanski of the Cleveland Browns encourages his team against the Jacksonville Jaguars during a football game at TIAA Bank Field on August 12, 2022 in Jacksonville, Florida. (Photo by Mike Carlson/Getty Images)Photo: (Photo by Mike Carlson/Getty Images)

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