Actor Danny Bonaduce Is 63 Today


Danny Bonaduce is 63 (“The Partridge Family”)

Debi Mazar is 58 (“Entourage” “Goodfellas”)

John Slattery is 60 (“Mad Men,” ”Desperate Housewives”)

Sebastian Stan is 40 (“Gossip Girl,” “Kings,” “Once Upon a Time,” “Political Animals,” “Captain America”)

Kevin Tighe is 78 (“The Graduate,” “Emergency!,” “Road House,” “Lost”)

The late actor Pat Harrington (1929-2016)…he would have been 93 (“One Day At A Time,” “The President’s Analyst”)

The late Bert Lahr (1895-1967) (Best known as the Cowardly Lion in “The Wizard of Oz”)


Andy Griggs is 49

James Morrison is 38

Lennon Stella (of the Stella Sisters) is 23

The late Dan Fogelberg (1951-2007) …he would have been 71

The late Don Ho (1930-2007) …he would have been 92


Comedian Jeff Altman is 71 (He appeared as a guest on “Late Show with David Letterman” 40 times, he has also been in a series of films including “Bee Movie”)

Weatherman Sam Champion is 61

Fox News correspondent Adam Housley is 51 (FAST FACT: He’s been married to Tamera Mowry since 2011)

Former Surgeon General Dr. Joycelyn Elders is 89 (Born Minnie Lee Jones, she was the first African American appointed as Surgeon General of the United States. Best known for her frank discussion of her views on controversial issues such as drug legalization and distributing contraception in schools, she was forced to resign in December 1994 amidst controversy as a result of those views.)

Composer Koji Kondo (composed soundtracks for classic Nintendo video games, including “Super Mario” and “Legend of Zelda”) is 61

The late Cuban dictator Fidel Castro (1926 – 2016)…he would have been 96

The late explorer Samuel De Champlain (1576-1635) (He founded New France – think upstate New York – and Quebec)

The late director Alfred Hitchcock (1899-1980) (“The Birds” “Psycho”)

The late Annie Oakley (1860-1926) (Born Phoebe Ann Mosey, she was a sharpshooter who starred in Buffalo Bill's “Wild West Show.” She also earned her rep with achievements such as consistently shooting a playing card edge-on from 30-yards away)

The late civil rights leader Lucy Stone (1818-1893) (Orator, abolitionist, suffragist, and women's rights advocate who was notably the first woman from Massachusetts to earn a college degree)

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