Parma Man Charged With Arson During May 30th Downtown Riot

CLEVELAND - A Parma man has been charged with conspiracy to commit arson during the May 30th, 2020, Downtown Cleveland protest that turned into a riot.

49-year-old Seth Calig and others known and unknown are accused of setting fire to Shaia & PPR parking booth located on West 3rd street during the George Floyd protest that turned into a riot on May 30th of 2020. the Indictment says that Calig and others gathered around the parking booth, then lit a roll of paper towels and cardboard on fire with a lighter, and then placed it in the parking booth.

As a result, it is alleged the actions of Calig and others caused damage to the parking booth.

This is an indictment only, not evidence of guilt. The defendant is entitled to a fair trial, where the government has to prove the individual's guilt.

A date for sentencing has not yet been announced.

This is a developing story. News Radio WTAM 1100 will have the updates when they become available.

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