Mega Millions Jackpot $810 Million - Do You Feel Lucky?

Mega Millions Jackpot Nearly 1 Billion Dollars

Photo: Scott Olson Getty Images News

$810 Million-Mega Millions Jackpot - Two other jackpots have been bigger than this one.

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These tips come from lottery boards, insurance companies and private wealth management companies, so it’s sound advice.

Watch out for lottery scams. Mega Millions staff will never call, text or e-mail anyone about winning a prize

Get advice from a respectable team of financial advisors

Get a good legal team

Secure the ticket. State Farm says you should make several copies of the ticket

Protect your privacy. Keep your win under wraps

Make a plan for the money

Don’t make any quick decisions

Ask professionals if you should take the lump sum or the annual payment

The next drawing is tomorrow night and the jackpot could go over the current amount by then

Source: Fox News

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