Akron Statement on Demonstrators

(Akron) - Protests have been going on most of the past few days over the police-involved fatal shooting by Akron Police of Jaylon Walker. There have been dozens of arrests that have led to nighttime downtown curfews. One video that went viral showed an Akron Police officer punching a protester.

On Saturday, the city released statements from Mayor Dan Horrigan and Chief of Police Steve Mylett..

Akron Mayor Dan Horrigan:

“I've heard the calls for concern at the way Akron Police have responded to recent demonstrations. I’ve seen the videos and I understand that concern. I want the community to know that I am fully committed to de-escalating the tension in our city. We are always looking for ways to improve, and Chief Mylett and I have had ongoing conversations about our approach and our role in lowering the temperature and helping to de-escalate the violence and anger here in Akron. As we call for peace, we understand that call applies to all of us. I’m hopeful that we can all come to the table and begin to have the necessary conversations to create forward progress for our city.”

 Akron Police Chief Steve Mylett:

“Our officers are understandably concerned for public safety and for the safety of their loved ones at this time. We have received death threats with officers’ information being posted. We’ve gotten news from the FBI about violent extremists coming to our city and posing as resident demonstrators in order to perpetuate violence. These are not excuses, but the reality of what our Akron Police officers and our community are currently facing. We understand that APD has an extremely important part to play in creating, maintaining, and promoting peace in our city, in addition to their top priority of protecting public safety. We are committed to those goals and to de-escalating the high tensions that exist. Again, we all want peace for Akron.”

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