Hatchet-Wielding Man Attacks Woman In Shower

Photo: Getty Images-sand86

In a scene that brings to mind the infamous shower scene from "Psycho," a California woman was attacked by a hatchet-wielding intruder while she was taking a shower, police say.

The incident happened on Friday in Bakersfield, where the unidentified victim was showering in her home, authorities say. That's when an intruder -- later identified as 59-year-old Kyle Kuehl burst into her bathroom with a hatchet in his hand and attacked her, according to the Bakersfield P.D. While the two were struggling, a male relative of the victim -- who'd just arrived home -- grabbed Kuehl and was able to hold him until police arrived, authorities say.

Kuehl is now facing a number of charges, including attempted rape during a burglary offense; attempted murder; assault with a deadly weapon; and first degree burglary, court documents reveal. The victim, who suffered a non-life threatening injury, is expected to make a full recovery, police say.

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