NY Man Dies In Gruesome Subway Accident

Photo: Getty Images-STAN HONDA

In what police are calling a freak accident, a New York man is dead after he was dragged onto subway tracks by a train before being hit by another train.

The disturbing incident happened Wednesday night as 37-year-old Marcus Bryant was exiting a northbound Q train in Brooklyn, according to the NYPD. His clothes apparently got caught in the subway train's doors and he was dragged onto the tracks as the train pulled away from the station, police say. That's when he was struck by a southbound train. Although he initially survived the incident, Bryant died from his injuries on Thursday, police say.

Despite the NYPD's account, New York City Transit President Richard Davey insists Bryant did not get caught in the train's doors, saying investigators have not yet determined how he was yanked down onto the tracks. "This was not a door incident," Davey says.

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