NIL Endorsement Proposal For OHSAA Student-Athletes Fails

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN)--The proposal to allow OHSAA student-athletes to profit from endorsement deals, using their name, image, or likeness, has failed.

Members of the Ohio High School Athletic Association voted on the measure, with the final tally 538 against, and 254 in favor.

The proposal would have mirrored similar changes at the collegiate level. If approved, Ohio high school student-athletes would not have been allowed to use a school's logo or uniform in endorsements, or sign deals with companies that associate with casinos, gambling, alcohol, drugs, or tobacco.

OHSAA Executive Director Doug Ute said, "If NIL is going to enter the Ohio interscholastic landscape, we want the schools to be the ones to make that determination. Whatever we do moving forward, it will include discussion on this issue with our school administrators, Board of Directors, staff and leaders of other state high school athletic associations.”

Member schools did pass 12 of the other 13 referendum items that were up for a vote, with most of them taking effect August 1st.

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