Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg Turns 37 Today


Cate Blanchett is 53 (“Elizabeth,” “The Aviator,” “Lord of the Rings,” “Notes on a Scandal,” “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,” “Robin Hood,” “Cinderella,” “The Hobbit” trilogy, “ Thor: Ragnarok”) (FAST FACT: She’s an advocate for the hashtag #askhermore in reference to red carpet interviews solely on “just a dress” or the latest award show stop, the “mani cam.”)

Miranda Cosgrove is 29 (“School of Rock,” “iCarly,” “Crowded”) (FAST FACT: As the main character in the show iCarly, she became the second highest paid child star on television, earning $180,000 per episode.)

Gabriel Mann is 50 (“Mad Men,” “Revenge”)

Tim Roth is 61 (“Reservoir Dogs,” “Pulp Fiction,” “Planet of the Apes,” “Invincible,” “Funny Games,” “The Incredible Hulk,” “Broken,” “Selma,” “600 Miles,” “Lie To Me”)

Amber Tamblyn is 39 (“General Hospital,” “Joan of Arcadia,” “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants,” “House”) (FAST FACT: She’s been married to actor/comedian David Cross since 2012 – he’s 20 years her senior. The couple welcomed their daughter, Marlow Alice Cross, in February 2017)


The Cult’s Ian Astbury is 60

The Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach is 43

David Byrne is 70

Alice in Chains’ Mike Inez is 56

Poison’s C.C. DeVille is 60 (Born Bruce Anthony Johannesson, DeVille was ranked at number one by VH1 as the most underrated hair metal guitarist in 2015)

Dustin Lynch is 37

Milli Vanilli’s Fabrice Morvan is 56

Olly Murs is 38

Raphael Saadiq is 56

NKOTB’s Danny Wood is 53

The late Bobby Darin (1936 – 1973)…he would have been 86


Screenwriter Sofia Coppola is 51 (“The Virgin Suicides,” “Lost in Translation”) (FAST FACT: She became the first American woman to win the Golden Lion. And the third woman to be nominated for an Academy Award for Best Director. Her father is director Francis Ford Coppola, who made “The Godfather.”)

Director/producer George Lucas is 78 (“American Graffiti,” “Star Wars,” “Indiana Jones”) (FAST FACT: His estimated net worth was $3.9-billion in 2013 after he sold Star Wars to Disney)

Director Robert Zemeckis is 70 (“Back to the Future” series, “Forrest Gump”)

Facebook founder & CEO Mark Zuckerberg is 37 (FAST FACT: He became the world's youngest billionaire in 2004. In 2013 he was worth over $13-billion…today, about $70-billion)

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