Biden May Extend Student Loan Pause-Considering Loan Forgiveness

White House Chief of Staff Ronald Klain in an interview posted by Pod Save America yesterday said...“The President is going to look at what we should do on student debt before the pause expires, or he’ll extend the pause,” said . “Whether or not there is some executive action [on] student debt forgiveness when the payments resume is a decision we’re going to take before the payments resume.”

Student Loan Payment Pause Is Set To Expire In May...But It Could Be Extended!!

Most federal student loan payments have been paused since the passage of the CARES Act in March 2020. That legislation also froze interest accrual on government-held federal student loans, and suspended collections efforts against borrowers in default. The relief was originally supposed to last only six months, but was subsequently extended several times — first by President Trump, and later by President Biden.

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