Former Epstein associate Jean-Luc Brunel found dead hanging in cell

(Photo credit: BFV TV)

Jean-Luc Brunel, a French model agent and associate of Jeffery Epstein, was found dead in his prison cell on Saturday in Paris, France. He was being held and investigated for a rape of a minor over age 15, but former models had accused Brunel of rape.

Brunel was arrested in 2020 as part of a probe into his involvement with Epstein sexually exploiting women and girls. Brunel was found hanging by bedsheets, like Epstein, a convicted sex offender who was awaiting trial for sex trafficking in 2019 whose death was ruled a suicide. 

Thysia Huisman, one of Brunel's accusers, was “shocked” by his death, and said that she will not have closure because there will not be a trial in his case, but she does not want to see other women discouraged from speaking out on abuse.

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