Famous Birthdays Today 12-15

December 15th


Adam Brody is 42 (“The O.C.,” “Jennifer’s Body,” “Lovelace”)

Melanie Chartoff is 73 (“Fridays,” “Rugrats”)

Charlie Cox is 39 (“Moby Dick,” “Stardust,” “Boardwalk Empire”)

Michelle Dockery is 40 (“Downton Abbey,” “Anna Karenina”)

Don Johnson is 72 (“Miami Vice,” “Nash Bridges,” “Django Unchained,” “Blood & Oil”)

George O. Gore II is 39 ("My Wife and Kids")

Camilla Luddington is 38 (“Grey’s Anatomy,” “William and Kate”)

Michael Shanks is 51 (“Stargate: SG-1,” “Burn Notice,” “Red Riding Hood,” “Saving Hope”)

Helen Slater is 58 (“The Lying Game,” “The Legend of Billie Jean,” “Smallville”)

Geoff Stults is 44 (“7thHeaven,” “Finder,” “Zoo,” “Grace & Frankie”)

The late Jeff Chandler(1918-1961)(“Broken Arrow,” “Sword in the Desert”)

The late Tim Conway(1933-2019)...he would have been 88 (“McHale’s Navy,” “The Carol Burnett Show,” “The Private Eyes”)

The late Cassandra Harris(1948-1991)… she would have been 73(“For Your Eyes Only,” “Rough Cult”)


The Supremes’ Cindy Birdsong is 82

Rooney’s Ned Brower is 43

The Dave Clark Five’s Dave Clark is 82

Haim’s Alana Haim is 30

Dave Matthews Band’s Tim Reynolds is 64

The late Stan Kenton (progressive jazz leader and pianist)(1911-1979)


Baseball star Maurice Samuel “Mo” Vaughn is 54 (Vaughn was a three-time All-Star selection and won the American League MVP award in 1995 with the Boston Red Sox)

The late architect Gustave Eiffel(1832-1923)(FAST FACT: He designed the Eiffel Tower and the Statue of Liberty)

The late DJ Alan Freed(1921-1965) …he would have been 100(He became internationally known for promoting rock and roll. His career was destroyed by the payola scandal that hit the broadcasting industry in the early 1960s. Freed was fired by WABC in 1959 during a dispute where he refused to sign a statement certifying that he had never accepted payola. In 1960, payola was made illegal. In 1962, Freed pleaded guilty to two charges of commercial bribery, for which he received a fine and a suspended sentence.)

The late oil billionaire J. Paul Getty(1892-1976)(FAST FACT: With a net worth of $1.2-billion, he was named the richest living American in 1957 according to “Fortune” magazine.)

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