Kareem Hunt Spoke to the Media 12/6/21

On if the team is coming back from the bye week fresh, both physically and mentally:

“Yeah, most definitely. It was definitely the time to get our bodies back and minds right because we have to push for this second half of the season if we want to get where want to go.”

On if everything the team wants to accomplish this season is still in front of it after seeing yesterday’s results:

“I guess you could say something like that. Right now, we have to just focus on ourselves. We still have to win. It does not matter what other teams doing if we do not come out and win.”

On how he felt physically after the Ravens game and how he feels now after the bye week:

“I felt good enough to play. I am definitely still working every day to get better and more healthy – that is what I am going to have to do. I spent a lot of time rehabbing and stuff this bye week and trying to come back and be stronger down the last stretch.”

On if he feels ready for a larger workload this week:

“Oh yeah, I believe so for sure. Definitely. That is the plan.”

On the pros and cons of potentially playing on the field at the same time as RB Nick Chubb:

“I would love it, but that is up to them. Whatever the coaches decide. If they decide to put us both out there, I am ready for that, and if not, that is fine. I feel like we still will be fine. The cons, there really are none. It is only pros, I think. It could be a good thing.”

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