Greedy Williams Spoke to the Media 10/25/21

On the opportunity to play more with CBs sustaining injuries:

“Just doing as told. If they need me to go in, I am in. Just doing as told. Praying (CB Denzel) Ward that it is not anything major. Hopefully, he can get back out there.”

On preparing for the team’s first AFC North game of the season and the potential playoff implications:

“Like we said, see it is the next game. You see it that way, you will get far in this league. Just taking it game by game and keeping us on task.”

On if he is now playing his best since joining the Browns:

“I feel like I am doing what I was drafted here to do. Like you said, playing my best football, enjoying the game and just being who I am.”

On preparing for the week when not knowing whether he will start at CB:

“Watch film, come to meetings and be a full participant in everything. I kind of do everything as far as walkthrough and stuff, I want to be the receiver to make sure I am getting the reps in and stuff like that. It is just being dialed in, knowing this is a game with injuries and you could be up just like that.”

On if the Browns have been able to correct miscommunications from the games before the Broncos:

“Yeah, we are working through it. Every day, we try to shorten the gameplan and make it as simple for us as possible. We did a great job narrowing the gameplan for us to play faster.”

On if he is concerned about his shoulder:

“Not really, but it was just going out and playing football.”

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