John Johnson III Spoke to the Media 10-14-21

On what happens during the week to help address miscommunications from the previous week’s game:

“You just watch it, move on from it and correct it. Like I said after the game, they are easy fixes. Just simple busts that we were not paying attention. It is easy fixes. We move on from it, and we are going to get ready for Arizona.”

On what makes Cardinals QB Kyler Murray so difficult to defend:

“He is a roadrunner. He is just so quick and so fast. I was talking to (QB) Case Keenum, and he was like free rushers at him is kind of like what he wants. He just dances around people. It is kind of like you have to tempo your rush and try to keep him in the pocket. He is a shorter-stature guy so we make it harder for him to see, especially with our D line – they are so big. I think that is the emphasis of this week is try to keep him in the pocket and not let him get outside.”

On how the 49ers were able to contain Murray in the pocket:

“Like I said, just tempo your rush. You can’t just try to blow off of the ball and beat the guy in front of you because that is what he likes. He will dance around you. He can get out of the pocket of any gap and any little small seam you give him. I think you just have to tempo your rush and keep him in there, and when he tries to escape, then you try to activate and get a sack.”

On if it goes against a pass rusher’s natural instinct to tempo the rush compared to quickly getting off of the ball at the snap:

“It does. It definitely does. I am not a pass rusher, but just our guys they want to get off the ball, play fast and get to him as fast as you can. I think just trusting in the fact that that is what he likes doing and that is what he has been making a killing on, you kind of have to taper back a little bit.”

On if he has to sit back more as a S due to Murray’s ability to get out of the pocket and run:

“Oh yeah. If you are deep, you have to stay deep. If you are short, you can go and try to make a play on him. It is one of those weeks where you have to cover your man twice. You have to plaster. The play is never over until the whistle blows. It is kind of like Week 1 and a couple other games that we have had. We just have to stay on top of it.”

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