Coast Guard Performs Land Rescue

(Fairport Harbor OH) - We all know the Coast Guard rescues people on the water, but over the weekend, the Coast Guard helped out a person on land.

A woman was heaving dinner at Pickle Bill's rstaurant in Fairport Harbor when, suddenly, she appeared to have a heart attack. There just happened to be sitting at a nearby table, six uniformed members of the U.S. Coast Guard. Those men and women were asked if they knew CPR, and they did.

Working as a team, the Coast Guard members were able to check the woman's vitals, do chest compressions, and verify that the woman had a pulse. She was monitored until EMS arrived to take the woman to Univeristy Hospitals TriPoint Medical Center in Concord Township.

The Coast Guard members from Station Fairport who helped the women were:

--Petty Officer 2nd Class Travis Field

--Seaman Apprentice Caroline Murdock

--Petty Officer 2nd Class Taylor Reaser,

--Seaman Emma Spurlock

--Petty Officer 3rd Class Madeline Watt

--Petty Officer 2nd Class James Woods

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