11th Congressional Primary Election Tuesday

(Cleveland) - One of the most bitter election races in recent memory will be decided in Tuesday's special primary election for the 11th District Congressional race. The winners of the Democratic and Republican primaries will face off in November, to determine who will fill the remainder of the current term of Marcia Fudge, who stepped down as 11th District Representative when she was named Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

There are 13 Democrat candidates on the ballot, but most of the attention has been about former Cuyahoga County Commissioner Shontel Brown, and former Ohio State Senator Nina Turner. The two campaigns have been spending far more than any other, and political action committees have also bought advertising for both Brown and Turner. Brown has portrayed herself as being in lockstep with traditional Democratic Party values, and of President Joe Biden. Turner is seen as more of a progressive, and has been backed by well-known progressives Sen. Bernie Sanders, and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Democrats on the ballot are: Lateek Shabazz, Tariiq K. Shabazz, Shirley Smith, Nina Turner, Martin Alexander, John E. Barnes Jr.,James Jerome Bell, Shontel Brown, Seth J. Corey, Jeff Johnson, Will Knight, Pamela M. Pinkney, and Isaac Powell.

Republican candidates are Felicia Washington Ross, and Laverne Gore.

Given the extremely high number of registered Democrats in this district, the winner of the Democratic primary is expected to be the winner of the general election in November.

The 11th District stretches from the east side of Cleveland, down to Akron.

Photo: Screenshot from Cuyahoga County Board of Elections

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