USS Cod In Slight Collision With USCG Cutter On Way To Drydock

(Cleveland) - The USS Cod, the historic World War II-era submarine that has been a tourist attraction for years, left its port in Cleveland for the first time in nearly 60 years, headed for drydock in Erie, Penna. for repairs. However, the trip started with a slight collision.

As the submarine was being eased out of its dock, there was a collision with the US Coast Guard cutter Morro Bay. There was no damage to the Cod, and only minor damage to the Morro Bay. The trip to drydock in Erie continued after that.

The Cod will be gone from Cleveland for up to eight weeks for needed repairs, so that it will be, as is posted on the Cod's Facebook page, "shipshape for years to come."

Photo: Courtesy USS Cod from Facebook

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