Kroger Launches Drone Delivery Service in Ohio

( Centerville, OH ) - Certain customers can now have groceries delivered to them by drone. Kroger is testing out it's new delivery service at it's Centerville, OH location on S. Main St.

After several trial runs earlier in the week, deliveries were good to go on Wednesday. However, there are a few restrictions.

The drones can only hold up to 5lbs, so all orders will have to be limited. Kroger is offering specific bundles for delivery that will fit weight specifications. Also, per FAA guidelines, deliveries can only be made within a one mile radius of that location in Centerville.

The autonomous delivery drones locate a customer via their cell phone signal, so the service can be used for much more than at-home deliveries.

The company's initial goal is to complete all deliveries within an hour of them being made, but acknowledges there will likely be some hiccups along the way. There will also be no charge for the delivery service, at least not right away.

Orders can be placed by going to\dronedelivery.

The launch of the service in Centerville is just the start. The company plans to expand to other Kroger locations in the future.

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