Rocky River Voters Received Unusual Robocall Before Levy Vote

(Rocky River) - There are two theories going around as to why Rocky River's school tax levy failed last week. While some say it was a response to how the school administration handled the case of a group of now-former teachers who made inappropriate comments about a student, others believe it had to do with a robocall that went out the day before the election.

The two-minute message from the Freedom For All PAC was recorded by Tom Zawistowski of the Ohio Tea Party. Zawistowski said in the message that the Rocky River Schools had "communists" and "Marxists" among teachers and administrators who were pushing for a program called Criitcal Race Theory, which he said, "indoctrinates your children and grandchildren with race-based hate of white people, of American history, and of capitalism."

A spokesman for the Rocky River City Schools said the district does teach diversity, but not Critical Race Theory. The district also said officials understand that this past year has been a difficult one for everyone, so they can understand the defeat of a new tax levy.

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