Your Ohio & City Taxes Aren't Due Until May 17th

(Columbus) - There's good news if you were worried about being able to file your state income tax form on time. The state is going along with the feds.

The Internal Revenue Service had announced earlier this month that due to pandemic-related issues, your federal tax return was not going to be due until May 17. However, the Ohio Department of Taxation was saying that state taxes were still due on April 15th. Now, they have changed their mind, and clarified things a bit.

The Ohio Department of Taxation says that state tax returns are due on May 17th. However, if you make quarterly payments to the state, the next payment is still due April 15th.

As for your city or village income taxes, they're also due on May 17th. The Regional Income Tax Authority (RITA) told that their deadline follows the state deadline as a matter of law.

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