Shaker Heights PNC Bank Robbed

(Cleveland) - The FBI is looking for the man who held up the PNC Bank at 20711 Chagrin Boulevard in Shaker Heights, at about 3:15 p.m. on Wednesday, March 3.

The man walked into the bank, leaped over a teller counter, and threw a Save A Lot grocery bag at a teller. He said, "give me the money, put the money in the bag, no funny money, and no playing." The teller complied, putting some money in the bag. The man then turned to another teller and said, "put the money in the bag, empty your drawer." The man took the money out of the second teller's cash drawer, and put the money into his bag. He then gave the bag to the first teller, and said, "get the money from him," referring to a third teller. The man then took back the bag, leaped over the counter, and said, "do not follow me."

The suspect is black. The back of his head is shaved. He's about 5'6", about 200-250 pounds. He had no visible tattoos or piercings. He's believed to be around 50 years old. He wore a black/blue heavy jacket, dark blue/black pants, a black face mask, and dark colored tennis shoes.

Anyone with information can call the FBI at 1-877-FBI-OHIO, or Shaker Heights Police at 216-491-1220.

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