Mayor Jackson's Grandson Has Another Run-In With The Law

(Parma) - The namesake grandson of Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson is in more legal trouble.

Parma Police say that shortly after midnight Sunday morning, Frank Q. Jackson was stopped by police for window tinting that was too dark. During the traffic stop, the Parma officer asked Jackson to get out of the vehicle while Jackson agreed to a search. One police officer had a hold of the vehicle as they say Jackson pulled away. The officer ran with the vehicle but let go, and was not seriously hurt.

Parma Police then followed Jackson in a high speed chase getting up to 100 MPH. Parma Police lost the vehicle near the Lorain Ave. exit off I-90 in Cleveland.

Jackson turned himself in to Parma Police just before 3 a.m. Sunday.

Frank Q. Jackson wqs charged last week with Domestic Violence in a case involving him and the mother of his young child. Last January, Jackson pleaded guilty, and served eight days in jail, in a case in which an 18-year-old woman said that Jackson hit her with a truck trailer hitch.

(Photo courtesy Cuyahoga County Jail)

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