Rep. Kaptur In Quarantine

(Toledo) - Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D-Toledo), whose district stretches from Toledo to Cleveland along the lake shore, is at home in Ohio, quarantining, due to likely exposure to coronavirus.

Kaptur says that during last week's siege on Capitol Hill, she and a number of others were ushered into a secure area, and ordered to shelter in place. She says several Republican members of Congress also sheltering in that same area refused requests from colleagues to wear face masks.

Since last week, three Democratic lawmakers who had been in that room were diagnosed with COVID-19.

In a statement, Kaptur said, "Last week, during the invasion of the Capitol by a rampaging mob, I was one of the Members trapped in the upper House Gallery for a very long time as the out-of-control invaders ransacked the Capitol and attempted to break through the House Chamber doors locked for our safety. I was among the last few Members remaining in the Upper Chamber and ultimately ushered to safety by Sergeant at Arms officers and Capitol police to a secure holding area. Inside that room, several Republicans refused to wear their masks despite pleas from colleagues, the Sergeant at Arms, and the Speaker. Subsequently three of our Members held in that room have tested positive for COVID."

Even though she is quarantined, Kaptur voted by proxy to approve impeaching President Donald Trump.

(Photo courtesy Rep. Marcy Kaptur)

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