Hilarious Way to Get Pothole Attention in Geauga County

Cleveland, OH - This is one way to draw attention to a pot hole problem in Geauga County. This photo was snapped on Nash Road near State Route 168 in Parkman Township a few weeks ago.

It’s a pair of upside down pants and boots with an Amish hat, lunchbox cooler and a thermos, made to look like someone fell into this pothole head first, waist deep.

A supervisor said the photo is from three weeks ago and crews fixed that pothole within two hours of hearing about it.

But township leaders got the message about the problematic potholes in their community and the unique way people are publicizing them.

The Township Trustee has been at this for eight years now and said potholes are a sometimes losing battle.

Photo courtesy of Geauga County Maple Leaf

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