Lorain County Man Calls 911, Charged With Another Man's Death

(Carlisle Township) - A Lorain County man, who called 911 to report he had been in a fight with another man, is now charged with that man's death.

Lorain County Sheriff's Deputies say a call came into 911 late Friday Night from a man who said he got into a fight with another man, and both were bloody and beaten. The man didn't know where he was, but police used cell tower data to determine he was near the corner of LaGrange Road and Mills Circle in Carlisle Township.

Deputies found the man, bloody and beaten, standing in the roadway. Lying nearby, they found the other man. Carlisle Township Fire and Rescue tried to revive him, but he was pronounced dead.

After the survivor was checked out at the hospital, he was charge with voluntary manslaughter, and taken to the Lorain County Jail.

Deputies did not release the suspect's name, but jail records show that 37-year-old Craig Lengyel of Elyria was booked into the jail Saturday on a charge of murder.

(Photo of Lengyel courtesy Lorain County Jail)

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