Kindland is Values-in-Action’s Community-Wide Initiative

Kindland DL

Kindland is Values-in-Action’s community-wide initiative to help mobilize NE Ohio residents to make Cleveland the kindest community in the country by taking the Kindland pledge and documenting one- million regional acts of kindness under #kindland by the end of 2021.

We all feel the negativity and toxicity now, but this can be turned around by doing and reporting acts of kindness. Each act of kindness has a pay-it-forward effect on three other people. Kindness creates a continuous chain reaction that dissipates negativity, boosts positivity, increases happiness, increases productivity and employee engagement and accentuates harmony. Kindness inherently creates unity.

For more information on Kindland and to register as a leader visit: HERE

Together we can create a groundswell that will benefit our community forever.

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