Governor Says Ohio Needs To Find A New Execution Procedure

(Columbus) - The more than two dozen men on Ohio's death row won't be executed until the state finds a new method to put them to death.

Governor Mike DeWine told The Associated Press on Tuesday that state legislators will have to determine a new method of execution, since pharmaceutical companies will no longer sell the needed drugs to Ohio. However, a spokesman for the governor told that you shouldn't expect an immediate decision, given that the governor believes there will be no executions in 2021.

The governor also said he questions the value of capital punishment, given that it may take decades for a sentence to be carried out, because of the required appeals. He also says he's skeptical about whether capital punishment is actually a deterrent to crime.

Ohio re-instituted the death penalty in 1999, and lethal injection has been the only method of execution. The last execution in Ohio was in July of 2018.

(Photo by Caroline Groussain/AFP, Getty Images)

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