Teacher's House Burglarized As She Taught Virtual Lesson

(Cleveland) - This is one of those news stories that wouldn't have happened before the pandemic.

A school teacher was doing a virtual lesson with a student from her home on Baltic Avenue on Cleveland's west side. During the lesson, the teacher heard something, and told the mother of her student that she believed someone was breaking into her house.

That's when the teacher was confronted at knifepoint by Charles Derosett, 43 years old. Derosett saw a box of watches and demanded them. He then demanded the woman's car keys, but rather than give him the keys, she freed her two dogs, who chased Derosett out of the house.

A man doing work on a neighboring house tried to stop Derosett, but he got away. The fleeing man was eventually arrested by Greater Cleveland RTA Police.

Derosett was indicted this week by a Cuyahoga County Grand Jury, and is due in court Monday. Records from the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections show that Derosett was just released from prison in October after serving two and a half years for robbery.

(Photo courtesy Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections)

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