City Employees Split $5.9 Million Lottery Prize

(Euclid) - A group of ten employees for a local city has come forward to collect a $5.9 million jackpot from the Ohio Lottery.

The group did not want to say publicly which city they work for, but they did buy their winning ticket at Convenient Food Mart on East 222nd in Euclid.

The man from the group who buys the tickets said after he found out they had a winner, “I called the group together to tell them, and I wanted to see their facial expressions. They thought I was lying!”

The group says they have been playing the same set of lottery numbers for 16 years. A set of their numbers - 8,13,18,26,33,39 - came up last week in the Classic Lotto game. The group also plays Powerball and Mega Millions.

After taxes, each member of the group will receive just over $210,000.

(Photo Courtesy Ohio Lottery Commission)

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