Township Trustee's Wife Speaks Out

(Lafayette Township) - The wife of Lafayette Township Trustee Bryon Macron says she's not satisfied with last week's ruling that her husband's death in 2016 appears to have been "staged."

Victoria Macron spoke out Monday for the first time since her husband went missing in December 2016. His office at the township hall appeared to have been ransacked. His body was found two months later by a kayaker on Chippewa Lake.

Victoria Macron told The Medina Gazette, "I’m not sitting quietly any longer,” she said. “I don’t agree with their findings. I will continue to fight for my husband.” She has worked with a private investigator.

She told 3 News, “[Bryon] always told me years ago that with any situation we faced, with our children or decisions for college with my oldest when she wasn’t sure where to go, he said trust your gut. And you know what, I’m trusting my gut.”

(Photo courtesy Medina County Sheriff's Office)
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