Cleveland Schools Prepare Plan In Case Issue 68 Fails

(Cleveland) - The Cleveland Schools have put together a plan just in case Issue 68, the school tax levy, fails.

The state says the Cleveland Metropolitan School District is in a state called "Fiscal caution," so the district has to put together a plan in advance in case the tax levy fails. Issue 68 is the renewal of a 15 mill levy first passed in 2012, along with a five mill increase for inflation.

In a letter from school CEO Eric Gordon, he said if the levy fails, budget cuts will be very deep. Gordon says there will be school closures, cuts in programming that will be deep, and a "significant reduction" of the workforce at all levels.

Gordon says this is a theoretical exercise required by the state, and that he and his team have identified the number of cuts that would be necessary. They are not yet saying which buildings will close, or which staff will be cut. Gordon says this was intentional to make it clear they are fulfilling their legal responsibility, but don't want to scare people.

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