Unusual Looking Water On The West Side

(Cleveland) - People on the west side are turning on their water faucets, and what's coming out may look a little different than usual. The Cleveland Water Department says a lot of west side customers are seeing discolored water come out of their faucets, thanks to something called hypoxia.

The simple explanation of hypoxia is that there are occasional "dead zones" in Lake Erie, where oxygen levels are depleted.

Affected right now is the part of the lake where the intake is located for the Garrett A. Morgan water treatment plant.

The affected area is bounded on the north by Lorain and Denison Avenues, by Brookpark Road on the south, West 150th Street on the west, and the Jennings Freeway (Ohio 176) to the east. It also affects customers in Brooklyn and Linndale.

The water may be slightly discolored, but it is safe to drink, and the city says there is no boil order. City crews are flushing hydrants to get clearer water running through the system.

The city says if you do see discolored water coming out of your tap, avoid doing laundry. If you ever see discolored water, no matter where you are in the Cleveland Water Department system, call 216-664-3030. Provide your name, address, phone number, and tell them when you first noticed the discoloration.

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