Poll: Most Ohio Restaurant Owners May Close For Good

(Columbus) - More than half of the owners of restaurants in Ohio believe they won't be able to stay open much longer, at least if conditions don't change.

The Ohio Restaurant Association did a survey of its members, and more than half said if conditions don't improve in the next nine months, they'll be forced to close their doors for good.

Some things from the survey:

  • 47% of restaurants are operating at 50% capacity or less
  • 54% say they will have to close in the next year, unless business picks up
  • 17% do not plan to reopen yet
  • 17% say they'll be able to break even this year
  • 14% are making a profit
  • 61% are taking up the state on the sale of cocktails-to-go, along with takeout meals

(Photo by Valerie Macon, Getty Images)

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