Online Workforce Training Course Offered Through Tri-C Access Centers

Cleveland - Cuyahoga Community College is offering free online Workforce Success courses this fall to expand community access to education and job training during the COVID-19 outbreak.

The course is designed to sharpen skills necessary to succeed in the workplace while providing an introduction to the College and its resources. It is part of the ongoing Tri-C Access Center initiative.

The fall sessions begin September 8th and October 19th.

Participants will:

• Earn college credit

• Identify and boost employable skills

• Get help with career planning, resumé writing and job searching

• Improve study, time management and problem-solving skills

Instruction materials will be available online for self-paced review, with morning and evening instructor-led sessions at designated times during the week.

The Workforce Success course is open to the community. Click here to register or learn more.

Tri-C Access Centers debuted in 2019 to bring education and job training to neighborhoods gripped by poverty.

The sites open doors to opportunity by bringing the college experience into the community.

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