How Equitable Is Your School District?

(Undated) - WalletHub has done a study on the most and least equitable school districts in Ohio, their way of indicating where school funding is most fairly distributed.

They compared the equability of each school district based on average household income, and expenditures for each pupil, K-12.

WalletHub did not take into account Ohio's system of state funding, which is based on how much each district takes in from property taxes, and federal funding. School districts with a high per capita income rank low on the list, because in theory, they may receive far less from the state than do low-income districts.

WalletHub says the most equitable districts in Greater Cleveland are Cardinal Local, Fairview Park City, Parma City, and Lakewood City. The least equitable are Orange City, Hudson Local, Beachwood City, and Chagrin Falls Exempted. Least equitable in Ohio is one of the smallest districts, Kelleys Island Local.

(Photo by Michael Mathes, Getty Images)

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