National Parks Bill Creating 100,000 Jobs

Cuyahoga Valley National Park

(Cleveland, OH) - With the initiative by Sen. Rob Portman and several diverse groups, Congress has done its part to dedicate more resources to the National Parks.

The House of Representatives voted on the Great American Outdoors Act on July 22, the non-partisan research and advocacy organization Pew Charitable Trusts called Congress to pass this bill to address urgent maintenance issues and permanently fund the land and Water Conservation Fund.

The House approved the bill and it will go to the President for his signature and he is expected to sign it. The legislation will help address the staggering $12 billion backlog of maintenance needs within our national parks. Repairs include crumbling roads, rotting historic buildings, eroding trails, outdated sewer and water systems, and deteriorating ranger housing. In addition, the bill is expected to generate 100,000 park-related jobs and sustain millions of recreation and tourism sector jobs, especially important during these difficult economic times.

• This legislation has massive bi-partisan support in the House and the Senate, showing how national parks and public lands can bring the nation and lawmakers together even in the toughest of times.

• Passing the bill would be an economic win because national parks are proven economic engines in nearby communities; parks in good repair ensure access for visitors.

• Thousands of park repair projects will benefit from the Great American Outdoors Act, and Pew Project Director Marcia August can share examples of projects that will be eligible for funding.

• President Trump has indicated he will sign this legislation into law if it passes Congress.

• National parks are proven economic engines that bring over $20 billion dollars each year in direct spending to local communities and contribute $40 billion to national economic output.

• More than 900 national, regional, state, and local groups are urging Congress to support passage of the Great American Outdoors Act, which would help address the maintenance needs and repairs within national parks.

This is the largest investment in National Parks in over 50 years.

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