Bill Would Take Away State Control Over How Schools Reopen Post Pandemic

(Columbus) - The Ohio Legislature is dealing with yet another bill that would, if it passes, take more COVID-19-related control away from Governor Mike DeWine and his administration.

Senate Bill 320 would give all control of how schools reopen in the fall to local school boards, and the heads of private and charter schools. It will also allow local schools to decide during the year if they need to close again if there's a second wave of COVID-19 cases. In addition, each district would be able to determine on their own things like whether masks are worn, or the spacing of desks.

The sponsor is Senator Matt Huffman (R-Lima), and the bill has 16 co-sponsors, meaning it already has majority support. Huffman told that because of the diversity of school districts, it can't be managed at a statewide level.

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