Curfew In Effect For The Central Business District & Market District

Downtown Cleveland Alliance

Cleveland, OH - A curfew is still in effect for the Central Business District and the Market District area of Ohio City until 8 p.m. on June 2nd.Traffic is restricted and a parking ban is in effect.

Downtown office workers will not be permitted into the restricted areas unless officially designated or excluded in Mayor Frank Jackson’s Proclamation of Civil Emergency (Civil Unrest).

Downtown residents within curfew zone needing to travel in an out of the restricted area will be permitted to do so with proper identification showing their residences.Pedestrian traffic within the curfew zone is permitted for limited instances including pet relief and essential travel such as a medical appointment and to obtain food. However, all residents are asked to remain within their homes as much as possible for the duration of the curfew.

There will be no community volunteer clean-up efforts during the curfew. All future clean up efforts will be coordinated through the Downtown Cleveland Alliance.

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