Famous Birthdays Today- Peter Frampton Is 70

April 22nd


  • Cassidy Freeman is 38 (“Smallville,” “Longmire”)
  • Amber Heard is 34 (“Never Back Down,” “Pineapple Express,” “The Rum Diary,” “Zombieland”)
  • Sheryl Lee is 53 (“Twin Peaks,” “Backbeat,” “Vampires,” “Kingpin,” “One Tree Hill,” “Dirty Sexy Money”)
  • Jeffrey Dean Morgan is 54 (“Supernatural,” “Grey's Anatomy,” “Watchmen,” “The Good Wife,” “Extant,” “The Walking Dead”)
  • Jack Nicholson is 83 (“As Good As It Gets,’ “One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest,” “Chinatown,” “The Shining,” “The Departed”) (FAST FACTS: Thanks to areporter for "Time" magazine,at 37, Nicholson found out his sister was really his mother, and the woman he thought was his mother was actually his grandmother. And in case you’re also curious – he’s won over 90 awards as an actor.)
  • Ingo Rademacher is 49 (“General Hospital,” “Titans,” “Alex Cross,” “The Bold & The Beautiful”) (FAST FACT: He also placed 5th on the 16thseason of “Dancing with the Stars”)
  • Sherri Shepherd is 53 (“Less Than Perfect,” “30 Rock,” “Precious,” “The View”)
  • Ryan Stiles is 60 (“Drew Carey Show,” “Hot Shots!” “Whose Line Is It Anyway?)
  • The late Eddie Albert(1906 – 2005)(“Roman Holiday,” “Green Acres,” “General Hospital,” “The Heartbreak Kid,” “Oklahoma!,” “Switch,” “ Falcon Crest”)
  • The late Charlotte Rae(1926 - 2018)…she would have been 94(“Diff'rent Strokes,” "The Facts of Life") 


  • DJ Drama is 42 (born Tyree Cinque Simmons)
  • Peter Frampton is 70
  • Silverchair’s Daniel Johns is 41
  • System of a Down’s Shavo Odadjian is 46
  • The late Glen Campbell(1936 – 2017)…he would have been 84


  • Comedian/TV personality Byron Allen is 59 (FAST FACT: He’s also the founder, owner, chairman, and chief executive officer of the U.S. television production company Entertainment Studios…and just bought The Weather Channel for $300-million)
  • “Duck Dynasty” reality star Willie Robertson is 48 (FAST FACTS: The Duck Dynasty musical, “Duck Commander,”made Robertson cry! He told FOX411 it brought back tough decisions he had to make with his family.)
  • “Duck Dynasty” reality star Missy Robertson is 49 (FAST FACT: Shares the same birthday as her brother-in-law Willie Robertson.)
  • Director John Waters is 74 (“Hairspray,” “Pink Flamingos,” “Polyester”)
  • The late model Bettie Page(1923 – 2008)…she would have been 97(Dubbed the “Queen of the Pinups,” she won the title of "Miss Pinup Girl of the World” in 1955)
  • The late communist thug Vladimir Lenin(1870 – 1924)(FAST FACT: His Bolshevik party was the foundation of the USSR)
  • The late scientist Robert Oppenheimer(1904 – 1967)(FAST FACTS: He led America into the atomic era with his research into nuclear physics and supervision of the Los Alamos laboratories from the very beginning of the Manhattan Project. In 1953, after a military report linked him to Communists in the past, he lost his prestigious position within the U.S. government.)
  • The late TV producer Aaron Spelling(1923 – 2006)…he would have been 97(“Dynasty,” “Charlie's Angels,” “The Love Boat,” “Dynasty,” “Beverly Hills, 90210,” “7th Heaven,” “Charmed”)

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