Cleveland Public Library Announces Security Updates as Strike Looms

Cleveland - The Cleveland Public library trying to take steps to up it's security in the wake of a possible workers strike.

The library has issued the following statement:

The Cleveland Public Library cares about the safety and security of its staff and patrons. We have been listening to our staff and patrons and areimplementingchanges to enhance a safe learning and working environment in our branches and downtown facilities. Changes include:

  • The Library will now hire 15 full-time safety and protective services (SPS) officers. Initially, the Library planned to hire an additional 10officers.We are accepting applications.
  • Nine part-time officers were promoted to full-time.
  • SPS will continue to have officers in three patrol cars roaming our neighborhood districts.
  • Royce Security will temporarily return to secure our branches during the day and overnight hours.

Once hiring is complete, 50 SPS staff will serve and protect our 27 branches and downtown facilities. Each branch will have a guard.

Cleveland Public Library’s investment in security doesn’t stop there. The Library also..

  • Requires every employee to take active shooting training 
  • Has engaged the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to review the physical infrastructure and cybersecurity of the library system
  • Has added cameras, door locks, rearranged furniture, enhanced lighting and reduced landscaping to improve sight lines inside and outside of our buildings

Our community can rest assured the Library will always work tirelessly to make our spaces safe places to enjoy quality-rich programming and services.  

The library's near 400 workers have been on the job since January 1st without a contract and want better wages and more staffing, among other issues.

The library has been adding some additional security guards, which are represented by Local 860. They are still negotiating with the library and are not voting on a possible strike.

The librarians and janitors want a commitment from officials that guards will be in every building at all times.

Library workers last went on strike last in 2004. The strike lasted one day.

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