Young Cavs Fall to the Powerful Bucks 108-125

The Cavaliers traveled to Milwaukee looking to make it two wins straight coming off a win in San Antonio on thursday night. Unfortunately the Cavs would be facing a hot Bucks team who this season was 12-1 at home and have won 17 straight games.

In the first quarter the Cavs set the tone and keep Milwaukee on their toes with fast paced team basketball. The Bucks would soon show why many consider the Bucks the best team in the league. Defense of the Bucks showed the Cavs down a bit making the score 20-26 in favor of the Bucks after one.

The second quarter is when the Bucks began to pull away. The Cavs began to get comfortable when former Milwaukee First Round pick John Henson made himself at home. Henson would contribute to the Cavs bench players who tried to keep up in the 2nd quarter. Unfortunately the Cavs were not able to keep up. Making the score 51-69 going into the Half.

After the Half the Cavs would try to play catch up. The Cavs fought and were able to within 15 point of the Bucks. Unfortunately the Bucks were able to make a significant run with Giannis leading the way. Making the score CLE 79 - MIL 102.

In the forth quarter the Bucks would close out the Cavs. But the Cavs would not quit and tried to battle back. A well fought game for this young Cavs team. Enough thou this game was a loss. We saw a lot of growth from the young players. This team will be fun to watch for a long time id they keep going in the direction they are traveling in.

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